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Boundless is on a mission to let loose game changing flavour. Makers of activated, handy snacks that are big on goodness and bold in attitude.

Founded by Cathy Moseley and Katie Wake, two passionate foodies who wanted to create a healthy snack using unconventional flavours. Having previously been street food traders, they needed fuel for themselves when on their feet all their day. And so it started…

What is 'activated'? Essentially when you soak nuts and seeds you activate germination – the sprouting of a seed – which releases all the natural enzymes and amazing nutrients Mother Nature had locked away for the growing process. That’s why these activated nuts and seeds are super nutritious, lighter on your digestion and more in tune with nature. #GoWithYourGut

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Boundless is available in four delicious combinations:

  • Cayenne and Rosemary 
  • Orange, Ginger & Maple
  • Tamari & Aleppo 
  • Turmeric & Smoked Paprika

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