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Delicious and healthy snack bars made with the highest quality ingredients. All about the perks of healthy snacking, without compromising on fun, Squirrel Sisters is a brand that delivers. Using the nickname that they were given as children (squirrel rhyming with Tyrrell), London-based sisters Sophie and Gracie Tyrrell are the masterminds behind these delicious raw snack bars. 

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Initially starting life as a blog in 2014, at which time Sophie and Gracie were living on opposite sides of the world, they used the online site as a way to stay in touch and share their recipes and healthy lifestyle tips. As the blog grew organically, the girls saw an opportunity to turn it into something bigger and launch the raw energy bars, which they already had the recipes for (Gracie used to make them for Sophie due to her gluten intolerance).

Squirrel SistersCombining a healthy and fun lifestyle into all of their products, taste is at the forefront of each of their products, but the all-natural bars are also designed to fit with a variety of customer dietary requirements including gluten-free and vegan, and with no refined sugar they're perfect for tastebuds of all ages!  

Fitting in with a number of lifestyles such as vegan, paleo, gluten and refined sugar free, and they are 100% raw. To be eaten at any time of the day; pre/post workout, for breakfast, the snack between meals, after dinner as a healthy pudding- they are the perfect guilt-free treat!

These bars are one of the ONLY healthy snack brands available that don’t add any syrups, pastes or sugar alternatives, and they've been certified by Sugarwise.

The bright and bold packaging, and a loyal online following, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more Instagram-worthy snack! Go for it... #TreatYourHealth and treat yourself with Squirrel Sisters!