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Beginning life at the kitchen table, Stoats oat bars have transformed the humble oat from a basic ingredient to the base of a hearty and healthy slow-release energy bar that is beloved by consumers of all ages. Made from all natural ingredients the bars are the definition of healthy 'on the go' snack, and the goodness doesn't end at the oaty benefits.

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Stoats 2019 Studio Range Close 7750The team behind the Stoats bars are very conscious of their environmental responsibilities, it's the reason you'll find no palm oil in their products, the reason that their bakery, which still handmakes every bar they sell, recycles 94% of its waste, and the reason they use compostable 'NatureFlex' in their packaging, in fact by the end of 2019 all of the companies packaging will be fully compostable or recyclable - talk about a good bar!

These deliciously-flavoured bars tick plenty of consumer trends, from packing in the protein and fibre, to no added sugar, to being plastic-free in their packaging. The innovative approach to snacking is winning them plenty of fans online - with over 24,000 online followers all eager to hear about the next treat to be whipped up in the Stoats kitchen and available from their local retailer.

If your customers love porridge, crave a healthy energy hit for those long days, or just enjoy trying something new that's as kind to the environment as it is to them, it's time to stack up on Stoats. 

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