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Protein Boost | Zero Sugar | Infinitely Recyclable


Tasty natural protein drinks with  real fruit and real benefits.  Zero sugar, real fruit and 12g of quality protein. Smash life’s moments & #upyourgame!

Upbeat believe that positive hydration is essential for body and mindset and we're on a mission to get people drinking and thinking their way positive. Each bottle contains 25% of your recommended daily intake of protein, as well as 4 essential vitamins - B5, B6, Biotin and B12.

Their passion is to create great tasting healthy drinks which are high in protein and vitamins, yet contain no sugar so you can stay energised, strong and focused, ready to smash life's moments. 

Upbeat are for consumers who want to up their game and be at their best, those who want more out of life at work, in the gym or living their dreams. 

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